Membership Opportunity

Membership benefits Include:

  • Consulting with other professionals on technical issues

  • Interchanging experience about technical subjects

  • Referral and connectivity of clients and potential clients

  • Ability to obtain and serve bigger clients

  • City or geographic area protection – Additional members subject to approval

  • By having a closer relationship with other accounting firms, it opens the  
    doors to consider and evaluate a possible partnership

  • Other benefits typically of larger accounting firms
  Requirements and obligations to
 become and maintain membership

Requirements and obligations include:

  • To keep active and in good faith the certified/chartered public accountant
    License/Certificate in accordance with the requirements and regulations
    of the applicable state or country.

  • Have a distinguished professional history.

  • Have at least five years in public accounting/graduated from a qualified
    university (1).

  • Committed to professional excellence. Continuously attending technical

  • Compliance with professional ethics including strict confidentiality.

  • The city or geographic area must still be available.

  • Accept and agree that when mentioning the membership in/or referring to
    the Alliance, to include the phrase “Alliance of Independent Certified or
    Chartered Public Accountants” The word "independent" must be
    included. The member who omits the word “independent” would be
    making a misrepresentation.

  • (1)  If less than five years, please inquire about our junior supervised
    sponsorship program.

             Further information
For further information and application to join, please contact Mr.
Armando Balbin, CPA CGMA at
Balbin International
Alliance of Independent Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants
Membership Opportunity
BALBIN INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to providing knowledge and growth
opportunities to independent accounting firms from also independent firms, by
connecting with like-minded professionals in other firms