About Us

An Alliance of Independent Certified Public Accountants and BusinessConsultants
Whether your firm is a sole proprietorship or a multinational entity,
Balbin International has the professional expertise to
efficiently handle your business needs.

Balbin International is a global alliance of independent certified public accountants
and  business consultants who have handled such engagements as reviews of a
$1 billion top US local government, a major S&P transportation company, audits
(as prescribed by Generally Accepted Auditing Standards/GAAS) of a US high-tech company
with multiple domestic and foreign offices, as well as audits of firms that are subject  to
the laws and regulations of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Balbin International combines the expertise and experience of its independent top accountants and
business consultants to offer your firm a unique, high-quality professional experience
at a competitive cost.
We Are Located in

in North America:
United States, Canada, Mexico

in Europe:
United Kingdom, Spain,
Portugal, Turkey

in Latin America:
Argentina, Peru, Colombia
Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela,
Uruguay, Panama, Nicaragua,  
Costa Rica, Guatemala,    
Puerto Rico, Mexico

in the Pacific Rim:
Philippines, Japan,
Korea, China

in the Middle East:
Egypt, Israel, United Arab Emirates,
Turkey, Lebanon

in Australia:
Perth, Western Australia

In the India Region:
Delhi, India
Gujarat, India
Reasons to Do Business
with Our Members:

National and international referral and

Technical resources typically
available only to large accounting

Combined knowledge and expertise

Ability to consult and discuss with
other professionals

Reliable, efficient service at a
competitive cost
Our Values
•        Honesty and integrity.
•        Highly observance of professional ethics including strict confidentiality.
•        Be transparent.
•        Mutual support and respect.
To be recognized as a qualified alliance of independent certified public accountants at
the highest level while offering a closer relationship with our clients
Our Vision
We are continuously updating our knowledge to deliver the services that will help our
clients achieve their goals. We emphases our investments in knowledge, skills,
experience, and high ethics that places us as top trusted advisors.
Mission Statement